Two is company, 99 is a good design

The Golden Tide coverFor everyone over a certain age, here is the news. Crowdsourcing is easy, it’s fun and it works.

When I wanted a cover design for my first book I went to a recommended designer, had a discussion, got a cover I liked and paid a fee. Easy, but it was not half as good a result and it was twice the price of the cover for my second book, The Golden Tide.

And getting the second cover was really interesting, because that is when I discovered the power and pleasure of crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing a book cover

I went to, wrote a simple brief, promised to pay £200 and I was engaged with around thirty designers who were competing to do my cover. Their energy was amazing and so was the scope of the designs they came up with. The process let me comment openly on the designs and help guide all the designers towards what I visualised. Every day I had more to look at and react to.

Over a couple of weeks I saw over 150 covers, slowly getting better and better. Then I chose the five covers I liked best and used the platform to set up a vote amongst people who had reviewed my first book. That gave me some more great feedback from my readers.

The wisdom of crowds

So a crowd of designers informed by a crowd of readers led me to a cover which is really working and getting attention for the book. It’s the way to go. Many hands make light work.

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