The Golden Tide book club questions

Due to popular demand, here are some ideas for book club discussions:

  1. Everything in this book has actually happened in real life, although not in Sicily. What shocks you most?
  2. How did this book challenge your perception of oil spills?
  3. Have you ever thought about who pays for cleaning up oil spills and how the money is spent?
  4. Were you surprised at the idea of corruption and greed following the compensation?
  5. Were you shocked at the way Sicilian politicians were portrayed?
  6. Did the international cast of the book make it richer for you?
  7. Think about a thirtyish woman you know. Would she have reacted as Simone did to the circumstances she found herself in?
  8. Is Simone a bad woman? What would you have done in her place?
  9. What most surprised you in the book and why?
  10. Oil spills make the news, but shipping doesn’t. Did this book make you think more about what happens at sea?
  11. The Captain dithered and was part of the reason the accident happened. Did you feel any sympathy for him?
  12. Were you offended by any of the stereotype characters in the book?
  13. Was the ending a surprise? Did it satisfy you? Why or why not?

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