The Golden Tide: The starfish story

starfish“It is the starfish story,” Simone explained. She saw the baffled look on the face of the old warden.

“It is the story that first made me want to help birds in trouble,” she explained. “Yves told me it, when we were setting up Marine Bleu, and it is everything I need to do what I do.

The story is that there was a stranger walking on the beach in Madagascar. It was low tide, and as the tide went out it left thousands and thousands and thousands of starfish stranded in the baking sun.

The stranger began to bend down and throw the starfish back into the cool sea, one by one.

A local villager saw him and said, ‘Why do you do that? There are so many, you cannot make a difference.’

The stranger bent down and threw another one into the water. ‘I made a difference to that one,’ he said.”

photo by: hodgers

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