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Praise for The Golden Tide

It has sex, murder, a mafia boss in a wine cellar, a pretty young French eco-activitist and a surprising hero in the shape of a middle-aged Dutch journalist. No really! And so much more. American lawyers and academics, Italian Coastguard officers stymied by politics and loads of really great food and wine. It’s set in Sicily after all. Monica


If I was to pick just one word, it would be: loyalty, because for all the passion and greed that drives the story forward, it is the battle between loyalty and obedience, portrayed so delicately, that makes the story unforgettable. Wendy


It’s great to read a book with a new idea for a plot, not just your run of the mill story-line. It’s intriguing, you’re left wanting to know what’s next and the attention to detail and descriptions bring the country and characters to life. A very enjoyable read. Elizabeth


It was worth the wait! John clearly has a mastery of all things nautical and his descriptions of a ship in a storm are powerfully evocative – up there with the very best. The story is rich in detail, challenging and certainly engages at every level. Ausdoc

Praise for The Reluctant Pirate

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“I found The Reluctant Pirate an enjoyable entertaining read that held my attention. If you’re searching for a quick book to get you through the next long flight this is a good choice.”


“Brilliant! A story with a little bit of everything. The author opens up a world usually kept hidden. The story of modern day pirates and what life is like for them, and the world of ship owners, lawyers, deals and agendas behind the scenes. Fascinating, gripping and knowledgable, with an unfolding plot you just won’t see coming.”


“A fast paced, easy and enjoyable read. The Reluctant Pirate has a well thought out plot giving an insight to the interplay between culture, politics and the global shipping industry in modern day piracy. The author has a very readable writing style, clearly knows the field well and has created credible set of characters. I read the book on a long flight in a single sitting; just as well as I would have found it difficult to put down. An impressive first novel, I am looking forward to more. “


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