Piracy hasn’t gone away

The Reluctant Pirate

Somali piracy isn’t going away anytime soon. See behind the scenes with this well-informed but easy to read novel.

The Reluctant Pirate is now available in paperback as well as an e-book for Kindle. It will shortly be out on Apple and Barnes & Noble too.

The book has had great reviews on Amazon:

“Gripping and fast-paced…”

“The perfect holiday read. Fast-paced, factual, believable characters, a twisting plot and a subject matter not often covered in popular fiction.”

“I read the book on a long flight in a single sitting; just as well as I would have found it difficult to put down.”

“…a well-thought out plot giving an insight into the interplay between culture, politics, the global shipping industry and modern day piracy.”

Buy The Reluctant Pirate as an e book for Kindle or any tablet or as a paperback from www.amazon.co.uk , www.amazon.com , or on your local Amazon site, or as a paperback from www.booklocker.com or you can order it from any major book retailer.

Get the book, enjoy it, share it and write a review on Amazon.



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