Jobs not guns

Backed by the World Bank there is some common sense being talked on piracy prevention now. The Somali government is starting an anti-piracy outreach campaign and providing employment opportunities for pirates to persuade them to give up crime on the high seas. “Guns alone cannot be used to solve matters, so we started talks with pirates and have convinced some of them to begin new lives and quit that lifestyle,” Somali Minister of Natural Resources Abdirizaq Omar Mohamed is quoted as saying in Sabahi. “On our part, we have [forgiven] those who quit piracy and have released others from the prisons.” “Creating new employment opportunities is one of the ways that can be used to eliminate piracy,” Mohamed told Sabahi. “However, we need the international community to help us facilitate new lifestyles and income generation for these young people once we succeed in getting them to quit piracy. That is the solution to piracy.” Give the boys jobs not guns and no-one will put to sea in a leaky skiff to risk their lives trying to attack ships.

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