Islamic piracy – try not to be silly

An interesting article in Lloyd’s List (Will al-Shabaab turn to piracy? Tuesday 04 June 2013, by Liz McMahon) about potential links between Al Shabaab and Somali piracy. Gung-ho types always want to paint everyone in Somalia with a gun as both a pirate and an Islamic militant. Nothing could be further from the truth, and it is important to seafarers that the distinction is maintained. Why? Because seafarers captured by Somali pirates have only one way out, and that is by their employer paying a ransom. But payment to Islamic groups labelled as terrorist like Al Shabaab is outlawed. Payment to pirates is not. Let’s keep it that way for the sake of seafarers and not confuse the two. In Somalia pirates are Muslim, but like a drink and a girl and some loud music. They don’t like Al Shabaab and all it stands for. Read The Reluctant Pirate to find out what happens when they clash.

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