A free book?

The Golden Tide book coverThe first reviews are coming in for The Golden Tide and interestingly the four so far all written by women. I made one of the main characters a woman who sees her life change, and I set out to make the book appeal to a wide audience, but I think this is still very much an action book with some technical and nautical detail that is traditionally the sort of thing you find in books written for men.

Are men less ready to comment?

You can see the reviews so far on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.  Bizarrely Amazon cannot link its websites so a review on one site doesn’t get put up on the other unless the reviewer takes the trouble to post it to each site individually.

Why bother to review a book?

Reviews matter because they help other would be readers to decide to buy and they help me to become a better writer. Honest feedback on The Golden Tide will improve my next book.

So here is an offer. Everyone who reads the book then writes a review and posts it on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk will get a free copy of my next book.

As an incentive to write an honest and helpful review, the writer of the review chosen as the most helpful will also be offered a character in the next book. If you want your name in print in a best seller, here’s your chance!

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